10 Keys of Regional and Local elections in Spain ( May 2015)


Sunday’s regional and local elections in Spain where more than 36 million citizens are called to vote is held. The vote takes place in a context of consecutive protests against economic and cuts the deteriorations in the quality of life that have resulted from government decisions Mariano Rajoy.

 These are the 10 keys of this electoral process:
1. These elections are considered historic because the expected results may end the hegemony of bipartisanship with the entry of new parties in the front ranks of municipalities and autonomous regions.

2. More than 36 million voters are called to elect 67 000 640 802 regional councilors and deputies. The Basque Country, Catalonia, Galicia and Andalusia not participate in these elections to have their own elections.3. A total of 13 regions will renew their regional parliaments: Aragon, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castile and Leon, Castile-La Mancha, Valencia, Extremadura, Madrid, Murcia, Navarra and La Rioja.

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¿Qué es exactamente el Reino Unido?


El Reino Unido es un país de países, es decir un conjunto de países, exactamente cuatro: Inglaterra, Escocia, Gales e Irlanda del Norte. Esas cuatro naciones conforman la totalidad del Reino Unido, que es un Estado soberano unitario cuyo régimen de gobierno es la Monarquía parlamentaria bicameral, que tiene sede en Londres.

Queda claro, entonces, que el Reino Unido es mucho más que solo Inglaterra, aunque de hecho Inglaterra sea la nación más poblada y poderosa del Reino Unido. Pero, ¿cuál es la diferencia entre el Reino Unido y Gran Bretaña exactamente? La diferencia es meramente geográfica.

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UK General Elections 2015


As voting begins after one of the longest campaigns in memory, opinion polls suggest that the UK general election remains too close to call. Nearly all the polls published in the last two days have Labour and the Conservatives tied, with only a handful giving one or the other a narrow advantage.

The lead has ebbed and flowed in the week’s before the election, and almost always remained within the margin or error, as likely to have been caused by statistical vagaries as by real voting trends. The bookies are convinced that the Conservatives will end up with more seats than Labour, but they too are little help when it comes to predicting who will be PM: many are offering the same odds on Ed Miliband and David Cameron.

When is the 2015 general election?

Today. Thursday 7 May was the date decreed by the Fixed Term Parliament Act, introduced by the coalition early in this parliament. 

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What about that thing called Karma and its laws

What is Karma? Karma is the Sanskrit word for action. It is equivalent to Newton’s law of ‘every action must have a reaction’. When we think, speak or act we initiate a force that will react accordingly. 

This returning force maybe modified, changed or suspended, but most people will not be able eradicate it. This law of cause and effect is not punishment, but is wholly for the sake of education or learning. A person may not escape the consequences of his actions, but he will suffer only if he himself has made the conditions ripe for his suffering. Ignorance of the law is no excuse whether the laws are man-made or universal. To stop being afraid and to start being empowered in the worlds of karma and reincarnation, here is what you need to know about karmic laws. 

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Perception and reality

Reality is not as obvious and simple as we like to think. Some of the things that we accept as true at face value are notoriously wrong. Scientists and philosophers have made every effort to change our common perceptions of it. The 10 examples below will show you what I mean. 

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Lost Civilizations

Or mangled memories?

There is a thing called forbidden archeology which struck my attention once and I even bought a voluminous book by that title crammed with findings that found themselves dusty shelves in warehouse.   Conspiracy theories abound, but it is uncanny how many of them are often corroborated by unusual findings much later in the game.  The strange thing is that the establishment, for want of a better word, always comes out fighting with every gun firing with plausible explanations for things that simply do not add up.  The Neanderthal man conundrum is one where even the thought that we might have inherited some of his genes, through direct descent, was enough to get those hackles up dismissively. You could almost smell the venom which now appears to be a result of inter academic disregard for anything that might create a wave of speculation.  In any case, sooner or later, someone brings up a serious argument for one discarded theory or another and it all starts coming to light…..

This is now particularly interesting with respect to extremely ancient but highly developed civilizations which may have covered fairly large portions or our world some twenty to thirty thousand years ago.  Of course, they are still denying this in favour of the tribal savages, however modern they might have been in the intelligence scale.  Genetic studies which are becoming increasingly complicated and perceptive appear to show that the stock of genetic spread of humankind is an extended growth of a small portion of what must have been a very large number of people who must have perished.  What it means is that we are all descendants of a few survivors of a massive natural or cosmic development that led to almost total extinction. The survivors may well have had a genetic or physical advantage in terms of illness or simply safe hideaways.  I prefer to think that if all of this is true, that it was probably due to both factors.  Many would have not survived progressively dangerous diseases due to changes in habitat and food supplies.  Our modern virus epidemics are an idea of what must have happened to many and which produced immunities for very small portions of the groupings which have lived through till today.  The other factor is the cosmic one with meteors producing the devastation that is so graphically shown on those incredible TV documentaries.

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That wretched VAT


The ultimate insult to a tax enslaved society

When it first came into being to enable Europe to start off with a big bang, most people did not have a clue as to what this thing was really all about. It seemed like a game of musical chairs where nobody actually paid anything and everybody passed it on to someone else.
Today it is the biggest threat to democracy the Western world has ever seen as politicians and bureaucrats dig their talons deep into the fabric in the national economy to cover up for decades of financial abuse and subject the average family to the indignity of paying through the nose for everything.
What makes it even more painful and difficult to swallow is that this wretched tax that should have been abolished the very day it was created, has literally turned a liberal society a reluctant partner of the State. Never in the history of taxation, which in itself is a borderline case of democratic principle, has the bureaucrat had such an important hold over the national pockets as the only winners in the game of consumer sales. The tax in fact is a dragnet of the crudest kind and today, it is the thin edge of the wedge which is driving whole sections of society out into the streets pleading for clemency.
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