Templar secrets in Portugal


Lost or carefully guarded knowledge?

The Knights of the Order of the Temple, who took it upon themselves to create Gods Kingdom on earth in accordance with Jesus’ own aspirations, may have created their own internal suppressors by virtue of their alliance with the Vatican. Hidden artifacts and writings taken from various sources in the Near East, Asia and Ethiopia, may have well fallen to the members of families privy to such secrets and to whom their whereabouts were entrusted.

In 1942, the Mayor of Tomar, the centre of Templar activity in the final days before the diaspora of the members of the Order, was faced with a point blank challenge which amazingly did not cost him his life or credibility. The Basilica in the stronghold which represents a curious copy of the one in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher was surrounded by armed and uniformed personnel of what appeared to be the Nazi Movement. They threatened, at gunpoint, to remove a very large quantity of boxes from underneath the flagstones before the altar, into waiting lorries. Perhaps the fact that they knew their whereabouts, may have influenced the decision of the Mayor to allow them to do so in a supposedly neutral Portugal, but to date, it remains a mystery and without doubt the contents of these boxes were of great importance. Member s of the modern Order including the Grand Master, Fernando Fontes, who were informed of the removal by the local authorities of Tomar as recently as 1985, were convinced that the information received pointed towards a claim on the part of the assailants that they were representatives of the Order. It is possible that the modern Order which had Priories in most European countries and which had been run from Belgium under the then Regent, Isaac Vandenberg, may have moved the hidden German Templars to take what may have been a rescue action. The Regent, who had been working with the resistance forces and helped many an Alliance paratrooper to safety, may have carried the knowledge with him when he was mysteriously run over shortly after. Portugal inherited most of the transmission paperwork through the person of the father of the present Grandmaster, but there is grave doubt that all the secrets were passed across. Today, the schismatic movement stemming from that transmission vows to the effect that most of the valuable body of the Templar heritage stayed in Belgium and is now hidden for future reference. It is more than likely however, that the ancient families which sired the descendants of the original Knights of the Order were the recipients of much that had been kept in various strongholds throughout the world.

The knights without shadow of doubt were the founders of modern Portugal and increased the overall size of the country from the small beginnings in Oporto to the present large chunk of the Iberian Peninsula. It is known that they intended to make it the Templar State in the manner and fashion of a sovereign territory and invited the Burgundian Royals to take up its crown under their control. The experiment failed when the ensuing royal heritage challenged their power and took it for themselves, but not before the Order of Christ had become firmly entrenched as the country´s real power and military/maritime supervisors. During the course of the Templar political occupation, many monuments to their mysterious aspirations were close to ancient mines and seismic areas like Fatima, Ourem and Tomar. It is believed by serious scholars, that their interest in mining and in particular in Gold and Silver made them the terrible force that eventually survived the attempted suppression on the part of the maverick King Philip the so called Handsome but which apparently according to some has the same meaning as bellicose or Batallador in Spanish – a clear indication of Grail heritage. Ourem named apparently after Fatima Ourenna a cherished and ill fated spouse of the early kings of the area, is much more likely to mean gold and points to ancient mines in the area. The traditions associated with this metal in the area and hidden cities coupled with similar North African strongholds like Al Quivir, points to interesting theories of what is actually under the imposing castle of Ourem which strides the massive mound. The structure of the castle appears to have a strange resemblance
to the biblical description of the ancient Temple of Solomon.
What was kept at Tomar seems likely to be a very small part of the heritage that threatened to shock the world with physical evidence of much which is still contested today. Whether this is treasure in the form of relics of the Temple of Solomon, including the Ark itself is debatable, but there is a growing realization that what was brought over was part of the immense tradition of pre Christian knowledge rescued from the library of Alexandra and the very castle of the medieval Hashishim of Alamut. Much of that knowledge would have probably been assumed by the Jesuits dedicated to the truth through knowledge – in accordance with the teachings of Jesus, but there are strong indicators that much would have been impossible to assimilate by nature of their advance and incomprehensible nature. If it had in fact been genuinely brought down from ancient civilizations of a much superior elevation than hitherto recognized, it could well be related to the so called hidden hands that always seem to appear behind events of major historical changes. However, this is pure supposition although not altogether beyond possibility.

Recently, scientists in the United States announced that our genetic heritage demonstrated without doubt that we are all descended from a mere fraction of a much larger genetic pool. What this means is that there were sufficient people on earth at the time that this fragment was left through epidemic or climatic disaster, to constitute a highly concentrated community of people. Even Atlantis becomes credible after this announcement. The modern followers of the Rosicrucian movement established by the mysterious Christian Rosencrantz hold that they know of the origins of much which is not understood by the people of today. It is quite possible that an ancient tradition was handed down through secret movements and that this was associated with the birth of the Egyptian empire and venerated in the heartlands of the pyramid plateau by forces that had come from underground communities which had survived the rigours of violent climactic conditions. It is to this perhaps that the psychic Edgar Cayce may have been referring to.

In the strongholds of the renowned Templar families of the Languedoc there appears to be an oral tradition that points heavily in the direction of hidden artifacts and knowledge which are known only to an initiated few – ready to reach the right hands. It may not be the sensational fantasy that many of those cynical diehards would have us led to believe. During the period of fast growth of the modern Order in the 1970´s, many of its members involved in the PD2 scandal had made a bid to become a world authority through the use of its network and very influential contributors. It will be remembered that the discoveries shocked the world through its Vatican involvement and the assassination of the hapless banker Calvi in London. At about that time French members of the Order were at desperate straits to communicate to an unaffected Regent the whereabouts of hidden Templar caches through numbered accounts or deposit boxes in Europe. The information was even faxed to an irritated Regent at the international headquarters who was not quite prepared to investigate and verify the meaning of all those numbered caches. Neither could it be passed to an inexistent world Council he had refused to allow to form and surrender power to. This led to the expulsion of a few who had taxed the patience of the leader with the prolific faxes that he did not understand. The Regent, a very ardent Catholic and promoter of strict Catholic membership of the Order had angered a large proportion of the world movement and particular the French whose Royals in the name of the Prince of Chimay, had already secured for all Christians of all denominations, access to the Order in the 19th. Century. The finest brains in the Order had gradually found refuge in alternative organizations – including some which apparently had ancient Templar connections. The oral transmissions to Regents and Grandmasters since the reinstatement in the Palace of Versailles, in 1705, appear to have been lost although it is patently clear that important manifestoes were inherited by later Grandmasters in the early 19th. Century who even attracted the might of Napoleon and Russian Czar in the process. With the deposition of documents in the French National Archives by weak leaders of the Order, it could be assumed that much, like the Charter of Transmission with Grandmaster signatures through the centuries, went in the wrong direction and later discredited as a matter of political expediency. Whether artifacts and treasures also went into suitable ownership, may never be known. That much was hidden and of great historical, religious and or economic importance, there is little doubt.
The modern Order has within its historical records, a very curious interpretation of the Book of Leviticus, called the Levitikon and a list of Grand Master transmissions which appear to go right back to Jesus himself. The biblical records make no secret of the fact that Jesus was firmly entrenched in principles associated with the purity and reconstruction of the Temple which would illustrate a link, like that of the Essenes to a commitment very similar to that associated with the ancient knights – and hence the name. If there were physical treasures and or very ancient artifacts, there is little doubt that they would have started their hidden life right there in the heartlands of modern Portugal.

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