The European blind alleyway


Are objectives clouding progress ?

The plaintiff cry of a wounded Europe accusing its main contributors of failing to show camaderie in dangerous times, will forever remain fixed in the disdainful and unprofessional looks of the glitterati of the EEC bureaucracy unwilling to accept a no to increases in member funding. It was the picture that provided the not so palatable clue to the meaning of the whole thing which aspires to become a powerful nation. Is it equipped to run a motley of individual states with little or nothing in common between them other than access to central and vividly seen, rash, unsupervised handouts ? Is this perhaps the only thing that keeps them all together – panting at the leash for the next servings ? Has Europe in fact provided anything other than sponsors for ungrateful, corrupt and demanding undemocratic members at the expense of those they vilify ? It appears to be the case.

The concept, anyone will agree, particularly waning superpowers, is an exercise of merit, but only (as those behind the major impulse now realize), if institutions and political powers are brought together within a common concept of the interests and protection of the individual citizen. It can now be said, that Europe in neglecting this avenue of approach to the consolidation of its babelic myriads has done much to accentuate repressive, monopolistic and corruptive practices within many of the all too willing dubiously democratic , members. In fact, this particular lack of interest in the manner and clarity with which such huge handouts has been an agent provocateur in the direction of the strengthening of repressive tactics within the bureaucracies designed by earlier dictatorships and carving out channels through which massive, degenerative corruption has flowed under the guise of political independence. Europe, after all, was only interested in economic growth and the feeding of its own extraordinary army of bureaucrats pumping out idyllic legislation which were to become instruments of torture for the small and medium sized companies that became easy, likely targets for those with the power to destroy them. This explains the high levels of unemployment of many of the member states and in particular the incredible scorched earth policy of the socialist regime of Spain. In fact, the drastic consequences of heavily subsidized neo communistic ideas nurtured by political blackmail are all too clearly seen now.
The constant threat of national strikes by rabble rousers which belong to a Marxist past, became the fear that the newly cosseted, European creation of an elite bureaucratic power structure could not stomach. In fact, the destruction of private employment at the expense of massive investment in government was a product of that antiquated belief that was to lead to the very destruction of the nation itself. Today, in Spain, very few entrepreneurs will remotely consider investment in employment and the State together with its masses of so called professional and political advisors cannot even formulate concepts related to entrepreneurial activity, classifying them in television programmes, as reckless investors who manage to do well !

Coming from a sterile civil service loaded with extremely highly paid executives and employing over 70% of the national labour force, it is perfectly understandably as their only concept of economics was spending to create some more ad infinitum. Giving the increasingly angled slide to self destruction, it is still amazing that despite the incongruity of it all, a right wing government baulks at slashing this ineffective and ruinous management to a trimmed 20%. Instead it continues to pursue loans to pay it´s previous. In private enterprise, as has been seen in many massive frauds in the country, this would be classified as criminal attempts to defraud – in this case, the average citizen.

The massive40,000 billion Bankia loan which still manages to perplex the bank´s dying shareholders, has obviously been allocated to uses designed to do a cosmetic job on the economy itself. Everyone knows what the final end result will be as the snake swallows its tail and system comes to a grinding halt.

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