That wretched VAT


The ultimate insult to a tax enslaved society

When it first came into being to enable Europe to start off with a big bang, most people did not have a clue as to what this thing was really all about. It seemed like a game of musical chairs where nobody actually paid anything and everybody passed it on to someone else.
Today it is the biggest threat to democracy the Western world has ever seen as politicians and bureaucrats dig their talons deep into the fabric in the national economy to cover up for decades of financial abuse and subject the average family to the indignity of paying through the nose for everything.
What makes it even more painful and difficult to swallow is that this wretched tax that should have been abolished the very day it was created, has literally turned a liberal society a reluctant partner of the State. Never in the history of taxation, which in itself is a borderline case of democratic principle, has the bureaucrat had such an important hold over the national pockets as the only winners in the game of consumer sales. The tax in fact is a dragnet of the crudest kind and today, it is the thin edge of the wedge which is driving whole sections of society out into the streets pleading for clemency.

V.A.T is a sales tax which appeared long after most sales taxes had been abolished in modern free trade countries. They had followed the death of retail price controls, considerable drops in stamp duty and the utter rejection of the Thatcherite Poll Tax. It slid in with the mirage that the European concept was blinding simpletons with. We all fell for it probably because we could imagine that something so desperately laudable and ambitious could be run by such a negligent and mediocre set of people who spend most of their times posing for family albums.

That sort of circus is acceptable if it costs nothing and it can always be ignored, but not when it has driven most of the successful European member state economies well into the ground. In fact, it very nearly drove the whole putrid banking system into the ground despite the fact that the animal will not die, cannot die, because there is too much hidden in the background that could easily come to the fore. One of these things is the massive, hidden loans to the political platforms and worse still to ever spending Governments with little understanding of the nature of money and its application. This is of course is but a background to the loose scattering of fortunes sweated out by the few contributors to the European coffers and who in turn are now being asked to push their vat spikes deeper into the already collapsing trade system.

VAT now represents the clear, unadulterated only profit margin of any European business. The rest is wrapped up in loan interests and badly paid shareholders. VAT now represses sales when consumer spending needs to be jerked back to life to reduce unemployment. Very few of the majority of the national consumers would pay that part of the sales price if they could avoid it. Many are not despite thinking they are, but then the terrible attraction of such a hefty margin, is an increasing temptation for the frustrated commercial interests driven to the wall by such state controls. In fact, it is estimated that despite low net gains that vat skimmed off the account books become the profit these entities never made. Who can blame them when it means make or break? When it means putting out millions into the street without as much as food in some of the shoddy lower echelons of the European jigsaw puzzle?
Despite the need for modern societies to reduce taxation to a minimum and at worst simplify it so that the burden is clearly visible on the strongest, privileged shoulders as it always was, it has continued to dig in with the most obscene panoply of deviousness that Machiavelli himself would have found difficult to imagine. Vat is the king of them all. It can at a sweep with Government thrust, raise inflation instantly by almost the same amount of the increase – however hard the perpetrators try to show us otherwise. It can lull unwary businessmen with calculated margins into confusing profits in overall price structures to find that overheads have climbed way above the declining sales.

It was hoped that the 21st century would help evolve a fair system of distribution of wealth and that Government in its isolated power structure would be reduced to the management and representation designed by democratic principle. Power to the people to obtain a just and fair society with cover of basic needs- at least -for all, seemed the shiny way forward. It was not to be, as the sinister force of the pursuit of money for its own sake takes the stand and makes its indecent appearance in the Forbes listings.

Not only has this wealth culture taken over from moral principles, but that beyond a certain point that type of achievement should be tied into the sort of commitment that the privileged of the latter day societies understood by their own elevation. No accumulation of wealth with such drastic taxation would be possible if the burden of the responsibility of the application of those instruments of government spending were geared to even out the irresponsible creases of the helicopter crowd.
However even taking all that disdain of human values into account and even allowing for the so called motivation factor that apparently produces elusive captains of industry, beyond a certain stage, such ridiculous wealth ceases to have meaning. Apart from probably creating generations of cretins devoid of will to achieve, it many instances it goes into bolstering political influence in circles which do little for the average man and even perhaps drive him to war. VAT – in fact all conjured taxation that goes beyond the basic need of good government and public utilities must not become instruments of tyranny. Too often, they have been obtained by torture if not undue pressure and in essence have no legal basis. At best taxation seems designed to keep the average man in his place whilst allowing the puppeteers and their toys free rein to create societies like the scurrilous sick ones we see today. The electorate would, without doubt, dismantle them all and the wise and conscientious among them listen to proposals geared to serve the best interests, in their place. Whatever, they should not encourage fear or sense of helplessness as the pocket loses its capability to keep the family under cover and in health. The pursuit and good management of national resources should be more than enough to provide without taxation and it is in that direction with the removal of all the parasitic in-betweens who skim its benefits which a free modern society should move.
Vat however, goes beyond taxation in its broadest most spurious concept. It is the Pharaonic sceptre and with it, even human will can be driven downwards with each turn of the screw that weak and thereby dangerous governments are recently and stupidly all too eager to apply. Apart from creating a whole army of expensive interpreters and accounting personnel, it enlists the free work of those who have collect it despite its negative effect on sales. In some instances, it can deplete commercial coffers where rulings demand revenue payment even before collection. In others it depresses those who would be much happier to see it turned into an instrument of profit and investment in the hands of those better suited to put it to good use. All in all VAT is a product of a deranged committee with a very warped view of the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit aimed at and which wilts at contact with it. It also drags its intrusive way into the very centre of the accounting system exposing every aspect of a business system and exposing its wealth creators to the sort of lack of privacy that makes for demoralization and lack of incentive. Above all, it makes a mockery of a free society which is harnessed to reap benefits for a state, like the medieval tithes, without as much as a gratuity to compensate.

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